PWA Milan vision and mission 2011-2013

8 dicembre 2010 / Senza categoria

As we anticipated in various articles and letters, in 2010 the Board was working on fine tuning the vision and the mission of PWA Milan, in order to be more effective in communicating our unique value proposition and in selecting programs and events.

I would like to thank the 2010 Board: Maria Lassila – Vice President, Laura Salvaneschi – Treasurer, Viviana Cavalli – Corporate Members Director, Hema Mali – Events Co-Director, Kristina Tool – Events Co-Director, Valerie Ryder – Professional Development Director, Lucia Fracassi – Membership Director, Marcelle Sartori – PR & Marketing Co-Director and Monique Svazlian – PR & Marketing Co-Director for their time, energy and creativity in defining who we are and what we want to provide.

PWA Milan

Italian Member, European Professional Women’s Network

 Vision 2011 – 2013

 We aim to be the premier international association for career-oriented women in Italy, recognized for our networking opportunities, professional activities and pioneering initiatives which set the stage for significant change.


 PWA Milan’s mission is to support the advancement of career-minded women in their professional growth and development through activities including networking, skill-building and mentoring in an international environment.

 We provide:

  • Inspirational and informational speakers and role models
  • Mentoring program
  • Physical and virtual platforms for networking and interaction
  • Facilitated networking events
  • Professional skill-building workshops
  • Tools and techniques to increase assertiveness and empowerment
  • Exchange of experiences and best practices
  • Powerful initiatives to lead change
  • Access to 17 sister networks across Europe, thanks to our membership in the European Professional Women’s Network

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