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About Us

PWA Milan – Professional Women’s Association
Gender diversity and innovation to advance real change

What is PWA Milan?
We are an independent association of international career-minded women who want to create real cultural change within companies and organizations, as well as promote merit and gender-balanced leadership in the work world.

PWA Milan’s Mission
The mission of PWA Milan is to support the advancement of career-minded women in their professional growth and development, offering them the opportunity to exchange knowledge, experiences and best practices.

We aim to provide our members with tools and techniques that enable assertiveness and empowerment. We work to build awareness of the challenges of the labour market, with the goal of helping women navigate the market to better fulfil their potential.

PWA Milan is made possible by the voluntary work of its board members and affiliates, who contribute to the growth of the organization with passion, enthusiasm and dynamism.

Independent of any political or corporate interests, open to all those women who wish to be protagonists of their own future, PWA Milan currently has approximately 300 members. We are managers, professionals and entrepreneurs, MSc graduates and young MBAs, coming from different countries, different industries, of different ages and at different career levels. Most of us have an international outlook if not background,  whether through education, career path, or simply perspective.

What we all have in common is the openness for discussion and the desire to break down the barriers to women’s progress, whether self-imposed, organizational or cultural.

PWA Milan key initiatives

  • Monthly networking events

  • Inspirational and informational speakers and role models

  • Physical and virtual platforms for networking and interaction

  • Free mentoring programme for members

  • Professional skill-building workshops

  • Pioneering initiatives to affect structural and cultural changes

  • Ready for Board Women programme

  • Access to more than 24 sister networks, thanks to our membership in the Professional Women’s Network Global, a federation of international networks with the  objective is to provide women with the tools, networks and resources they need to assume leadership positions.

Corporate Members

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