I Am what I am. I am my own special creation; interview with Nancy Cooklin

28 ottobre 2015 / PWA Milan events

We learned  to “create ourselves” during PWA Milan October Speaker Meeting Event.

“Happiness is a choice. When a woman is fully aware of her choices, she creates herself”.
International counselor Nancy Cooklin, inventor of the method of empowerment for women “Create yourself” was the very special guest in our  Speaker Meeting Event in October.
Nancy invited us to look at things in a different way: are we really ourselves or are we playing a part? Are we really happy with who we are and what we do? And if not, how can we make a change?
“Magic is far from our comfort zone” – told us Nancy – “Create yourself is about combining yourself with your character”. We wanted to know more about her, so we met her one more time to get some more hints.

Nancy, how can a women create herself? Is it possible at any age?

A woman can and must create herself when she gets the calling to do so.
We tend to live our lives going on cruise control, doing what is expected of us or what we once thought was the best for us. The truth is we change constantly and so do our priorities, values and needs.
Like in companies, strategies change as the system changes. The KPI’s get adjusted or revisited now and then. Same thing happens with our own and most important business, ourselves.
So it’s important to review if the road we are taking is really what we want to create the future we desire.
If I had to sum it up in just a couple of sentence to the question how can a Woman create herself?
What I think is the most important exercise is to be aware of putting things in the right perspective.
Every action and choice takes us to a specific place. And that place ideally is what we want to create for ourselves.

What masks do professional women usually wear? Do they really “fit” their feelings?

It’s hard for me to generalize and pinpoint a specific mask which presupposes specific behaviours.
The masks that we all wear are masks that have gotten us to where they have gotten us, so we love them and  feel comfortable in them.

The business world has been shaped by men so we’ve moulded ourselves to be a little like men.
Fortunately, our true nature always comes to the surface and we are going back to being real women in the workplace.

I find it so inspiring and powerful to see a real feminine woman in an important position. Feminine, non feminist.  Not forcing or fighting, but integrating. Not weak, but vulnerable, real.

How can we find the courage to create (and be) ourselves?

I repeat myself, but I truly believe in this, projecting what I do in the future and ACT UPON IT!
Life is made of choices and decisions WE make.
Our life is our response-ability, this means we have the ability to respond to the things that happen to us. We tend to blame others for what happens to us. Our bosses, the government, our couple, the market, colleagues…you name it, and yes, circumstances are not always easy, but it’s what we do with it that counts.

Is this decision going to take me where I want to go?
Is it key that I fight a given battle when what I want is to win the war?
Is what I’m doing nurturing me or draining me?
Do I want to do this I’m about to do or I do it because it’s expected of me?

If you want to learn more, join Nancy’ s new “Create Yourself Workshop” with a special price for PWA members (€180). And if you confirm by November 6th, you can bring a friend with you for free.

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