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About PWA

 What is PWA Milan? The Association of Professional Women of Milan (PWA) is a dynamic group of international women with different backgrounds, cultures and professions. PWA strives to promote personal and professional development and provides a friendly forum for communication and growth.

 More than 300 people become members and members of the PWA every year and, as a rule, are independent professionals, entrepreneurs or women with work experience in the company, regardless of whether they are actively working or looking for work. Dozens of nationalities are represented here, including representatives of Italy and its European neighbors in South Africa, Mexico and Japan. PWA regularly travels to the center of Milan; English is an indispensable common language at events. Participants have the opportunity to develop personally and professionally, as well as establish new work and social contacts through the exchange of ideas, knowledge and experience.


PWA is composed of:

  • more than 200 international women;
  • from 21 different countries;
  • who are mainly 30-40 years old;
  • and work in 27 different professional fields

Corporate Members

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