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Past Mentoring Editions


PWA Milan Mentoring Program update

Mentors and Mentees: Be sure to come to our Closing Mentoring Aperitivo on February 5! Find details and here.

The fourth edition of PWA Mentoring Program has officially started!

See the 2012 PWA Mentoring video here.

Mentoring is like looking at a Van Gogh Painting. Read about the 2013 PWA Mentoring Program launch here.

Is mentoring worth the effort? Read about Karolina’s experience.

Check out the photos from PWA’s Closing Aperitivo for the Mentoring 2012 Program here.

PWA Milan’s mentoring program is in the news! Read the Myself article here. 

2013 Mentoring Program Information

6 March 2013 PWA Networking Aperitivo: Mentoring Program Warm-Up

20 March 2013 PWA Speaker Event: 2013 PWA Mentoring Program Launch

2012 Mentoring officially closed: facts and survey results

See the results of PWA’s 2012 Mentoring Program here.

Read some of our mentor interviews

And Mentee interviews!

2013 Mentor Recruitment!

The 2012 Mentoring Program on its way to Conclusion

2012 Mentoring Program Up and Running!

The Third Edition of the PWA Mentoring Program has officially started!

In the news: Interview with Gini Dupasquier, Leader of PWA Mentoring Program

The 2012 PWA Mentoring Program Launch

Read 2011 Mentoring Program Participant Interviews

2011 Event Summary: Find Your Own Mentor

2011 Program Feedback Survey Results

PWA Professional Development Director Valerie Ryder interview on La Carriera Rosa (in Italian)

Wed, 27 April 2011 PWA Speaker Meeting:Moving Mountains Through Mentoring

What Is Mentoring All About?

Women Leading Women: 2010 PWA Mentoring Program May 19 Launch Event

PWA in the Media: PWA Mentoring Program in Il Mondo

Would you be a Good Mentor?

What My Mentors Have Taught Me

Coaching vs. Mentoring: A Practical Example

Corporate Members

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