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What is mentoring?

Gini Dupasquier PWA Milan

Gini Dupasquier – Mentoring Program Leader

Mentoring is a voluntary, developmental partnership through which a person with relevant experience (the mentor) shares knowledge and skills to support someone else (the mentee) in achieving career objectives.
It is not “training”, but rather the construction of a trusting relationship. Mentoring plays a critical role in the progression of women professionals in all sectors. The lack of mentoring, exclusion from networks, and absence of women role models are cited as key barriers to career advancement for women.

In the PWA Mentoring Program, the emphasis is on professional development. Mentors are matched with mentees to support specific career or business-related goals. Mentoring relationships are sustained over a period of 6 months. Meetings take place monthly, and depending on the preferences of mentors and mentees they can be in person or remotely.

For the 2016 edition, PWA Mentoring Program is:

Women mentors are hard to find in the average organization. It allows women to candidly share issues related to gender at work, as mentors probably experienced similar difficulties before and can act as mirrors and role models.

Being in different organizations can offer a wider and unbiased perspective to participants. Not having hierarchical implications allows both mentors and mentees to be open and sincere.

We offer to members the opportunity to participate in traditional 1 to 1 mentoring. Max number of couples for this edition is 30 – we will accept up to 30 mentor candidates, taking into consideration PWA membership seniority.

In order to facilitate both mentors and mentees with the best match, PWA Milan will organize a speed dating event to offer the opportunity for mentors and mentees to meet before the final match, to share motivations/goals/expectations and to provide a list of preferences regarding their mentoring partner.
Brief profiles of all the mentors will be available for mentees consultation on PWA Milan website.

After the speed dating, PWA Mentoring Team will match the couples, taking into consideration membership seniority, if it’s a member’s first time in applying to the PWA Mentoring Program, and the preferences of mentor/mentee matching.


Please Note: PWA Milan Mentoring Program is reserved for members. To participate in the program, renew our membership or join now!

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