Women and leadership in the media industry: don’t miss our extraordinary events of May and June!

10 maggio 2016 / Uncategorized
Media influence our lives and society at very different levels: personal, cultural, professional and political.
It is clear that the gender gap is also the result of the images that society receives from media.
PWA Milan wants to investigate how much women really count in the media industry. How did the “lucky few” who made it, succeed in reaching the “control room”?
Martina Pennisi, journalist of Corriere della Sera and Wired, will interview one of the most influent manager in the new media industry: Paola Marazzini, Italian Google Agency Director. Grew up in the TV media private sector, Marazzini was a pioneer of the TV digital terrestrial advertising and now she is one of the most successful new media top manager in our country. PWA is proud to get  you to meet a real 3.0 leader.
This annual meeting gathers all the main female professional associations in Italy and will be preceded by the conference“Women &Media”organized in cooperation with PWN Global.  We want to understand, with the participation of important guests from the media industry, how the news media perpetuate gender stereotypes and why we need gender balance in the media sector for a fresh prospective in  social, political and scientific debates.
Are you interested and curious? Register today for the event and be part of the debate!


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