Karen RigattiOur first testimonial comes from Karen Rigatti, an American living in Milan, Italy since 2008. As a Certified Professional  Counselor she provides outpatient therapy and is an accredited member of both the American
Counseling Association and AssoCounseling, in Italy. Like many Milanese families, Karen is  raising two daughters in an intercultural family. In her practice she particularly enjoys working  with multi-cultural issues and assisting clients with the particular challenges that come with blending diverse backgrounds, languages and customs.

PWA: Why is it important to you to be part of an international women’s community?

Karen: Being part of a community that is globally inclusive provides opportunities to meet and build  relationships with women from diverse cultures and professions, united in their interest to enrich and broaden their experiences of living and working in Milan.

PWA: How does PWA meet this need?

Karen: The association offers professional women a way to connect with one another, which could

otherwise be challenging, if not impossible, in a busy international city like Milan. With its relaxed

yet professional approach, PWA has a rich mix of talented, high-achieving, energetic women who

are genuinely interested in not only meeting but in learning from one another — making the

organization much more than just a social group.

PWA: What are your impressions of PWA Milan now that you are a member?

I had known of PWA for quite a while before joining but had two very small children at home

limiting my time and ability to reach out and connect with others as often as I wanted to. About a

year and a half ago, I was finally able to take more time for myself and my professional life, so one

of the first things I did was become a member of PWA. Right from the start, PWA felt like a great

fit and I knew I had found a terrific group. I always leave the monthly networking aperitivos with a

few new names and phone numbers of women that I feel extremely glad to have met, women that I

know I might not have met if not for PWA.

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