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The Emergence of the EMBA and Corporate Sponsored Business Education

23 gennaio 2013 / Economy and environment

Julianna Davies, a business writer who recently compiled collected profiles of schools with the best MBA programs of this year, today shares a few thoughts about the rise of the executive MBA program. Though EMBAs first emerged on…

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The WSJ asks: What’s Holding Women Back?

23 maggio 2012 / Economy and environment, Interesting articles on women, NEWS

This fascinating Wall Street Journal article, What's Holding Women Back? examines the question and provides organizations and individuals guidance to increase the number of women in  top management.

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Wage Gap not Closing in the U.S.

15 maggio 2012 / Economy and environment, NEWS

Bloomberg reports that despite the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, the wage gap was wider in 2010 than it was in 2007 as fewer cases were filed. Read more here.

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Let’s make our voice heard

6 marzo 2012 / Economy and environment, Women on Boards

Viviane Reding and DG JUSTICE just launched a public consultation on the topic "Gender imbalance in corporate boards in the EU". Within its work program 2012 the EC Is considering a legislative initiative to improve the gender balane…

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World Economic Forum – Global Gender Gap Report 2010

21 ottobre 2010 / Economy and environment, Interesting articles on women, NEWS

The World Economic Forum recently published the 2010 edition of the Global Gender Gap Report. "Nordic countries Iceland (1), Norway (2), Finland (3) and Sweden (4) continue to demonstrate the greatest equality between men and women (...) the…

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Best advice influential leaders ever got – on Fortune online

5 luglio 2009 / Economy and environment, Mentoring, NEWS

Past and recent studies and experiences show how relevant advice is and how mentors have been and are important in the professional life of leading men and women . Fortune devotes the cover story to "The best advice…

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Women: Ichino on retirement and taxes

3 luglio 2009 / Economy and environment, NEWS

On Il Corriere della Sera today a letter from Pietro Ichino, already interviewed by Hema Mali in 2008 (read article), that suggests to relate the need for Italy to change the current retirement system for women - making…

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What it means to be green

19 marzo 2009 / Economy and environment, NEWS, PWA Milan events summary

Andrea Casartelli of Edison Energy presented What it Means to Be Green.  The presentation began with an overview of the pros and cons of different types of energy sources, including, "green sources".  Andrea defined  green energy sources and…

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March 2006 – Decide Where Your Tax Money Goes

29 gennaio 2009 / Economy and environment, Newsletter archive

Are you aware of the new law that allows you to designate a percentage of your Italian federal income tax to a charity of your choice?As an individual payer of Italian federal income tax (IRPEF), you are probably…

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December 2008 – Interesting news on the net

29 gennaio 2009 / Economy and environment, Interesting articles on women, Newsletter archive

"Ten executives who should have kept their mouths shut", an interesting article from Times online See the most recent data from the World Economic Forum on the Global Gender Gap Report 2008

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